Custom work

Customized collages:

Naomi Art Also makes customized collages. If you want a unique present for yourself or somebody else. Please contact us en we will make your pictures of you wedding, birthday etc.. into a unique work of art. A beautiful reminder of that special moment in your live. Almost anything is possible, just let us know your wishes. From different sizes to certain colours etc..

Our standard collages can also be made to suite you wishes. We can insert your own pictures/photo’s if you want, we only ask that the (digital) pictures/photo’s you sent us are high in quality.

We can also make a complete new collage for you, making it even more unique. From any country, city etc.. you can think of in any size or colour you would like.

Do you want:

  1. Any changes/swaps  in pictures/photo’s or sizes in a standard Naomi Art collage. (to put 3 of your own pictures/photo’s in a standard Naomi Art collage is free, if you want more, please ask us about the prices.)
  2. Us to look for other pictures to insert in the collage or want us to put your own pictures/photo’s in it.
  3. A complete new collage in a theme you like.
  4. Us to combine 2 or more standard Naomi Art collages.
  5. Us to make a complete customized collage for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, product line ect.
  6. Us to make you something you think we can help you with.

Please let us know through and we will help you with all your wishes