About us:

About the artist:

Angelique started creating and drawing things at a very young age. Always busy making things for other people. Whatever someone wanted she could make it. After several detours, the idea of making collages came to mind, at first only for friends. But people kept asking to her to make them a unique Angelique work. That’s when the idea came to make it into a business and name it after her daughter Naomi (Naomi Art).
Now after 6 years this small business is growing fast en a lot of people, shops, businesses in different countries are enjoying Naomi Art originals.
Angelique took on the challenge to make her complete own style in a successful and surprising manner. Any collage she makes can be made to suite anybodies wishes.
Every collage is still made by the artist herself, she doesn’t keep any stock. Every collage is made

per client order.

That’s how she keeps control over her work and makes sure the quality stays perfect.